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how to glue aluminum cans? Answered

how do you glue flattened aluminum cans? I know how to flatten them, I use them for papercraft(you trace the pieces from paper onto the cans), but how can you glue them? i there any special glue that anyone knows of for this? please help.



2 years ago

From what I have read (never have tried it) is E6000 glue. (Many stores carry it.) Also, clear silicone (like you use around bath tubs etc.) works well as an adhesive on many surfaces. Hope this helps.

gorilla glue

2415 (4).JPG

gorilla glue

I am in the process of stacking aluminum cans to build a
solar heater. What would be the best type of adhesive or glue that will not be
affected by high heat and give the stack strong support.


6 years ago

I had a go using about 5 different types of glues, including epoxy.
Epoxy works, but only if it's not going to flex at all, in the case of papercrafting with aluminium, it's not a great idea.
I ended up using Contact Cement, it went alright, and is quite nice for doing the papercrafty folds with, since you apply the glue, wait 20minutes then hold the fold shut for ~10 seconds and it's done.

Here's my full instructable about aluminium papercrafting :)

here is a linik. theree is a pic near the bottom of someone who traced the pieces on the flattened aluminum cans, then cut them and made the model with it.


Without knowing your application it is difficult to give definitive answers. I have used both JB Weld and 2 part epoxy on aluminum.


7 years ago

Double stick tape would work good so long as its not under a load. Tape sticks really good to aluminum and can flex with it. Most glues will pop off as soon as the surface flexes. If you need a little body to it there is also a thin foam double stick tape. It helps fill the gaps between the surfaces.

If you get nice flat surfaces together, superglue (crazy glue, cyanoacrylate) should do the job, especially if there is no particular load on the joint.

Otherwise, try a dab of ordinary epoxy or hot-glue.