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how to groom a dog with matted fur? Answered

An elderly person gave me a dog because they could not keep it any longer. This dog has long hair and it is very matted in places. There is no way I could comb the mats out. Does anyone know how to groom a dog like this? A local groomer wants to charge me $125.00 and I cannot afford to pay that much right now because I was recently laid off from my job. Thanks!


Desperate times call for desperate measures - When hair is truly matted, it can be easier on you, the dog, and your pocketbook just to shave it off. If its a long-hair dog, it will grow back. You want to be careful shaving the short hairs under the guard fur. Just take enough off to get the main mattes out.

No kidding! Shave it. I wouldn't spend that much time on brushing all the knots out. Here's how you can shave your dog yourself. It'll probably take a few days to accustom your dog to the electric shaver, but the small upfront investment will save you tons!

. Visit your local pet store (take the dog or a few pics) and they should be able to help you pick out a brush appropriate for your dog's coat. . Look online at pet supply sites. Most of them will have good enough descriptions that you can pick out a good brush. . The first brushing will take a while and may require scissors to cut any knots that can't be combed out. The dog may look funny for a while, until the hair grows back, but dogs don't care what they look like. . After that, it should be pretty easy, if you will brush him/her regularly.