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how to hack a Game Boy Advance SP and make it to recharge with a Motorola charger? Answered

one of these days pass by a store and saw that they had a GBA Micro amended, it could recharge with the charger that come with the purchase but also had made a modification to the hardware, could now also recharge with a Motorola charger, ie comes with two charging ports.
I asked the seller and he said that he modified it and that I could do it because it is easy and should only know welding.
Anyway, here is my question: how will I do that to my GBA SP?
I searched online but only find different ways to modify the charger and not the console.

pardon my bad use of English


I believe they use the same charging voltage (5v) so you just need to add another usb port to the game boy.

Check your translation: You need to solder the connections, not weld.

You will need to source a usb connector the same as the motorola charger uses (mini or micro usb) - and solder internal connections between the 5v + and - and the equivalent wires inside the DS. I'm sure if you search online for a nintendo DS schematic you can find where the wires go.

You'll also need to cut a hole in the case somewhere for the port to mount.

You're welcome - remember to search for videos on the correct disassembly and reassembly of the unit before taking yours apart - then you know what you're getting into!