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how to hack files of any drive after shutting down the computer ? Answered

How to hack the files of any drive(eg:D;/) when the computer is shut down & we don't know the password of Login Terminal


-Burn an Ubuntu Live CD on another computer.
-Go back to the computer in question.
-Turn it back on and boot up the Ubuntu Live CD.
-Follow the instructions on the link below to reset the password associated with your username.


        Thanks, dear you gave your time to answer my Query but I'm still bit confused !........
As I mean that Q : How can I Take out some files From any drive (D:/C:), whithout authorized to that system or not knowing the password of that  systm,,, & as per your answer If I down load Ubantu, is it possible to do & if yes then how can i delete from that system.
Is there any way that I may run Ubantu software from Pendrive & do the needfull without  getting in anyone eyes.

plzzz reply my frnd, will wait for yr Ans,,,,,,

Unless you've encrypted the drive or it's broken, you should be able to access all of the files from Ubuntu.  You'll be able to see it in the file manager.  That means you can delete or retrieve any files you wish, format the drive, etc.

As for running Ubuntu from a pendrive, this is the instruction manual:
There are various methods.  I find the easiest and most reliable way is to boot from a Ubuntu CD (if you have one) and use the included "USB Startup Disk Creator" tool.  If you can't boot a CD, you can choose another method.

I assume that you mean that you logged off your computer when you meant to turn off your computer and forgot  what your login password is.

If the linux fix doesn't work, Google "recover computer password".  There is a way to do it but I've only once and it worked but I don't remember all of the steps.

If you just need the data off the drive then you probably will be able to install the drive in another computer and do it from there.  Unless it is and encoded drive.

If you remove the drive and connect it to another PC, you can view the drive that way.

You can't do anything with drives that are powered off. What are you thinking of here?