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how to hack parental control on windows vista ? Answered

the parental control on my user is so high i  have to put https to go on google any ideas?


Okay, so all of you that said ask your parents, that doesn't always help. My laptop was blocked when my parents downloaded the program. Problem is, they don't know the password either. I haven't found an answer, but I wanted to say that.

Ask your parents! I had the parental controls cranked up at times for my son's benefit (although he did not see it that way). If you need more access for downloading files for a school project or more time for schoolwork your parents will probably temporarily turn down the settings on Vista.

When my son was getting decent grades and showing good judgement, he got more access. If he had hacked around the controls I would have denied access entirely - he would have been stuck with school & library computers only.

Talk to your parents about whatever problem it is that you're having.

That is the right thing to do, asking total-strangers on the internet is dysfunctional.



Please, by no means try and "hack" your way in... my son did that to my old laptop that had vista and he killed it. - Trust me, you don't want the wrath of your parents over something like this.

Just talk to them as suggested.

If it tells you anything, the problem my son caused was sooooo frustrating, that I gave up on the PC altogether and bought myself a MacBook (which he does not use).

Best decision ever!

+1... I don't have kids... but IF I did, and I caught them hacking through parental controls, then they would never have access to another computer until they were grown and out of the house.

(Some parents may not view it the same way... but I know mine would have... even though I wasn't getting through parental controls, they still weren't too happy when I hacked into their first computer...........)

Yeah, ask your Dad.

Must be a reason!