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how to house train a doxie? Answered

I have had doxies (weiner dogs) for about 10 years now...I have adopted a couple that had bad habits.  Of course they were too old to try and housebreak by the time I got a hold of them.  I have a doggie door, so they have free will to come and go.  Presently we have 2 girls, one is very polite and will get up at night in the snow and go outside.  The other is a couch potato, she will use my carpet if it is 80 degrees outside in the spring.  I adopted her when she was 2 years old.  She does not urinate in the living room anymore, but she does the other thing and also in my kitchen.  I cannot crate her.  Any suggestions?


Teach the "bad" one to use a litter box. Training info is readily available at the click of your search tool with a search term like "train dog to use litter box"

.  As a rule of thumb, dogs will not soil their living area. Confine the dog to a small area (a crate works great) and take it outside at frequent intervals. If the dog does what you want, praise it profusely. Gradually increase the area the dog has.
.  BTW, scolding, punishing, rubbing the dog's nose in it, &c, doesn't do much good unless you catch them in the act. Two minutes later and they can't make the connection between the deed and your reaction.

More info please.
Why can't you crate her?
Crating is best for all concerned.