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how to i make slingshot ammo? Answered


1. Find some suitably sized stones.

2. Forget melting lead - I guess your young - Instead get some plaster (the stuff they use for fixing cracks in walls. Mix it up and put some into 2 hollow boxes. Press marbles or something round into the plaster half way on both boxes.

When dry you have a mould. - Grease the plaster well to stop the next stage sticking - Fill each mould with either more plaster or cement- When dry you have a half round ball - Stick 2 together to make your ball.

3 Faster to use the marbles..

Even dried mud will be very hard and heavy enough. Make balls and allow to dry in the sun.

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I have a 30 caliber ball mold for muzzle loader ammo and making buck shot for my 12 gage shotgun. I use it for making slingshot ammo also.


I recently made a mould out of two half casts of cement with marbles pressed into it and sprues dug out. It seems to work pretty well for casting 10mm lead ball and could easily be scaled up or down. Essentially like this http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/macmFeVtUJcFLJQGio5FSFg.jpg

Give us some more detail on what you are hoping to accomplish that store bought doesn't. Are you looking for historic recreation, and if so, what period?

The only two approaches that come to mind are pouring molds and polishing or something called a shot tower. (I'm pretty sure that a shot tower has to be impractically tall, but it gives you a feel for how they used to do it. If you use molten metal, make sure and look for lead free alternatives.