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how to increase i/o pins in arduino Answered

i am working with an ethernet shield project. i need more i/o pins for my project.  My need may increase upto 1000s too.

using one ethernet shield connected to a single arduino board has only 14 io pins. using MUX will not be use ful for my project.

Please help me with solution for this.



Depending on the requirements of the outputs, using shift registers could work, especially when used with a multiplexer, although data rates would be very low compared to regular I/O pins.

Have a look at some of the larger or more complex LED cubes, as they manage to apply PWM to hundreds of individual LEDs from a microcontroller.

What are you trying to connect to that would require that many I/O pins?

i am connecting home appliances with it.

So each applicance has to be controlled individually and some times in group.

while controlling individually MUX couldnt be a better one. so i need many I/O pins which has to control every individual appliances seperately.

Is it possible to connect single Ethernet Shiled with many Arduino Boards. so that i can get many I/O pins?


6 years ago

Your no engineer,  consider the current load on a circuit if that many
i/o are active.

Look at distributed uP applications as a first exercise for something
better then Brute force...


Look at chips like Maxim's MAX7301 I/O expander - very versatile, easy to use, and cascadable.