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how to insert picture in instructables ? Answered

I want to insert my craft also with pictures but i'v tried many times still not able to insert it



To add a picture, you need to upload it from your computer to your Instructables library (by clicking on "add images" and then select "choose files" from the "upload" tab). Then select the image from the "your library" tab and click on the "add" text (below the image) and it will be placed on the step you are currently on. Images are ONLY added to each step. They cannot be placed in a specific location within your written instructions.

Let me know if you need any clarification.

I need clarification. I am on a macbook pro and this does not help enough

when i do it it just shows me a piece of paper

please respond ,thanks

There's definitely something wrong... It doesn't have a proper file extension (ie. a jpg), so you may need to alert staff (if its a legitimate image that you're trying to add). Just send a request for help to service@ and reference this page if you like.

never mind, sorry for your trouble,but i did it with my canon DC camera and now it works!!!

thanks for your help,check it out,how to take apart a laptop.the pic is the same as my avatar pic.

give feedback about whether or not it is good and BE HONEST!!!!

it wont show the real picture

by the way i uploaded this from an ipod

i already did all you said it just shows up w/ that pic

Things have changed since I wrote that answer (2 years ago). Now when you click on "Add Images", you'll see a white box (is that what you mean by "a piece of paper"?) You can either drag an image from your Mac to that box, or you can click the "browse..." button to locate the image from your computer and to add it to your "Image Library. Once your image(s) are uploaded to your (Instructables) library, then click on the "Image Library" button, select the image you want, and click the "Done" button when your finished. - Hope that helps you.

Welcome to Instructables! I'm glad I could help you.