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how to install a enterior door with prehung doors? Answered

I am replacing our interior door with prehung door, how do I do this




Best Answer 10 years ago

It consists mostly of having a plumb, square and level opening to start with. Then attaching the hinge side of the door the the stud with shims and nails or screws. Then you adjust the rest of the jamb with shims watching the gap between the door and the jamb. That simple process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple hours. Try asking the overworked, underpaid millwork employees at the big box store, if you can find one not already helping ten other people. Or read the books at the store. They are basic but informative. Take your time and dont expect perfection the first time. Ive put up more than a hundred doors and every one is different. I hope I helped.


10 years ago

Just take off the trim off the jamb on both sides. between the jamb and studs are nails holding the jamb to the studs. Cut those nails and the jamb will fall off (if you find all the nails) with a sawzaw or hacksaw. To install, see if the new jamb is the same thickness as the old one, also some door bottoms were cut for the rug.. Youll need a level to install it. Shims are need in the gaps when nailing to keep the door frame aligned and not bowing.