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how to install an insulated glass unit in a wood entry door? Answered

I have a 36"x80" solid wood entry door.  I'd like to install a 12"x24" double pane glass unit in the door.
What would the best way to do this?


1.  Buy a 1' x 2' unit.
2.  Locate where you want it and mark for a cut 1/4" wider than  the window frame (not the nailing flange).
3.  install the window with caulking.
4. Trim out the outside.
5.  Trim out the inside.
6.  Paint to match door paint.

You're done.


7 years ago

Its not a particularly difficult job if you use a kit.  Cut a hole of the appropriate size in the door, weather proof the kit frame , insert the outer and inner pre-glazed frame and attach with screws, and paint or stain. They are available at most building supply businesses.
If you are moderately handy with tools and have some basic equipment, you can make your own kit.
Look up "door vision kits" or the brand "Door-Lite" to get an idea of how they're made and build your own.

Minor point, but I think I'd put the outside trim on before I fitted the glass, so it sits nice and sealed