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how to install permanent air jacks on each tire side operated by 12v compresor system to lift car and change a tire.? Answered

the idea is to install pneumatic jack on each tire. to lift the car when a flat tire occurs. one side at time, the system need to include security system to avoid unintentional or accidental operation when the car is moving. also the system could be hydraulic operated by 12 volts pump


Formula 1 race cars use a pneumatic system of built-in jacks. They use an air hose in the pit to jack all 4 wheels off the ground together in less than a second.

A complete* four point system is available here: http://www.hrpworld.com/index.cfm?tpc=Genesis_Technologies_Air_Jack_System_Kit&form_prod_id=242&action=product
Not a bargain at $3,000 US, but definitely an awesome add-on to a lowered sportscar, or other vehicle within the total 2-ton capacity (more cylinders could be added for heavier loads). Extra valves would be needed if you wanted to isolate sides, ends, or corners, but lifting it all at once is a better way to distribute the load.

* Since the system is intended to use an external air supply, an onboard compressor/tank would be needed for use-anywhere system.

Definately a nice add on to any vehicle especially if you are on the road and get a flat. makes tire change a lot easier!

use are bags they are designed to be used with air my question is; why would you need this?

Air bags wouldn't work because: 1) they aren't designed to lift the weight of the car, and 2) they are not air-tight, so you cannot use them to hold the car up.

This is an excellent idea!  If you notice that on most all newer autos the manufacturer's owner's handbook shows how to use the mechanical jack and lug wrench for changing a flat tire.  In the instructions it shows where to position the jack for lifting and thus having clearance for the tire change.  In the area where the jack is to be positioned one could use one of three types of jacking devices. First is the hydraulic cylinder which requires a pump,  resevoir for hydraulic oil, hoses, and the electrics for control; Second is pnuematic cylinder which requires all the stuff of a hydraulic only in air format; Third an electric actuator, it's advantage is one piece item and the addition of minimal electric controls.  In all three cases the items can be installed near the jack lift point, the manual jack would be a backup to the add on system,  and recessed in the body of the vehicle.  So to change a tire flip a switch the individual tire is elevated.  The 12v electric inpact wrench is used for loosening and tightening of the lug nuts. Voila! Within 10 - 15 minutes you are back on the road!