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how to keep cats & racoons out of ponds? Answered

We have alot of cats in our neighborhood and would like to put at least 2 ponds in backyard, just wondering if there is anything I can do to keep them and racoons out of pond so the fish can thrive?


There is actually a motion sensing sprinkler that keeps animals out of your pond.

We used to maintain a pond (Did for about 7 years before I grew out of maintaining it at my parents house)...

We never had ANY problems with cats/birds bugging our rather large fish.  My understanding is raccoons are more interested in scavenging than hunting.

To my knowledge we never lost any fish while they were outdoors, with the exception of the suicidal plecostami - they like to jump out of the water.

Seconded steve's idea about a net.  What you can do is try and keep it tight and have it RIGHT below the water surface - food passes through, invisible from above, and fish are protected.

This may sound disgusting but the scent of your urine is enough to keep those critters away. Collect enough of your urine and sprinkle around the perimeter of your pond. You may have to repeat this every two or three weeks.
The chemicals in your urine will communicate to them that that is your territory. If you think about it, is not what animals do to "mark" their territory?

Put a net over the top of the pond ? Invisible from a distance, discouraging for cats and racoons I'd guess.

Make it deep enought for the fish to have shelter and provide some hiding places.  An electric wire fence around the perimeter will go a long way to discouraging nightly visitors.   In the end you may not be able to keep the fish safe unless they can hide though it is nature.

First up, check your town bylaws and find out what the rules are regarding artificial ponds.  Know the approximate size of what you intend to build and be prepared to make adjustments.  You may be required to build a fence if you have one, which is why I mentioned it.   A good fence goes a long way to keeping undesirable critters out.

For a fence to keep out cats and raccoons it has to be difficult for them to climb or to get underneath.  There are literally hundreds of styles of fencing out there, so I'm not going to go into it, but basically avoid materials they can easily dig their claws into and make sure the fence is too high for them to jump and too low for them to easily crawl under.  Make sure no trees overhang the fence and check often for signs of anything digging underneath.

You could also get a dog.