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how to keep "intruders" out of treehouse in garden? Answered

i came home from a 6 week holidy and my treehouse had been trashed and branches were ripped off the trees and my swing had been stolen, does any one know how to deter or prevent people trashing it?, any help will be greatly apprecieated!!!



Best Answer 8 years ago

I was going to say fence your yard, but that would be pricey! How about just removing access to the tree house when you are not there? Like by removing the ladder or something? Also, maybe ask a neighbor to keep an eye out for your stuff when you aren't home?

Put a door on it wire some pulleys up to the trigger of a 12 guage shotgun Hide it behind the door Put a pulley on the Trigger and Wait !

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Is this in a public or private place? L

it is a private place but it is shrouded by trees and backs onto a public park!!!

It's public then. Not a lot you can do as it's not your property. With swings, you either take the rope with you or leave it far enough out of reach that no one else can get at it or be bothered trying. Some people think rope swings are dangerous and take them down in case you should accidentally get hung. Other people just don't like scruffy-looking rope swings and take them down. The same applies to treehouses, but if you made one that was really good, too good to take down, you might sand a chance. It depends upon who it trashing these things really. L:

once a cop took a crap on my lawn

yes, but it is on my property so i was wondering if there were any steps i could take to reduce the likliehood of it getting trashed!!! cm

If it's on your property you've got some local / Federal laws, but you'd need to be sure of what they are. You might think of security cameras, or just shooting at people - can you check with local government (council) as to what you are/are not allowed to do to protect your property? If people are messing with your stuff that's a misdemeanor at least, but you need to stay legal on this. L


8 years ago

Land mines....... there are directions on how to make them in the anarchist's cookbook


8 years ago

security cameras? perhaps locks too.