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how to kick off subnet masked IP from my wifi? Answered

Somebody help
Someone with subnet musk get into my wifi. I want to kick him off without chaning my parol.I also want its real IP adress 
Please help


A subnet mask is a component of the IP protocol. In simple terms, the mask is a way of defining how many hosts/devices can exist on a particular network.

On a typical residential internet router you would usually have a mask of, this means there are 256 hosts or 254 usable IP addresses (IP addresses xx.xx.xx.0 and xx.xx.xx.255 are reserved for other purposes).

A mask of would allow only one host/device.

Referring specifically to your issue, if someone has managed to access your WiFi, the first course of action should be to change your passphrase. The second thing to consider is changing your encryption type. WEP encryption is a big no-no, make sure your access point is configured for WPA at the very least, but ideally WPA2. I know you said you don't want to change it, but it is the only way to get secure again.


7 months ago

Subnet masking is just part of the mathematical process of doing some form of data manipulation. I don't think it, in itself, is a gateway to your wifi. Best thing to keep others out of your wifi is to change the password and keep it secret. You can get the real IP address using the software that came with your wifi router. Check the manual of your wifi hardware for details.

You might want to read up on the WiFi stuff a bit.
I mean little things like IP configuration, port forwarding, DNS and that stuff.
If you tell me how someone is able to get into your WiFi using the IP then I will tell you how to prevent it.