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how to lenghten bicycle frame? Answered

the frame of my bike is too short for me so my back seriously hurts especially up slopes. is it because the frame is too short or the handlebar is too low?

if i reposition the saddle backwards, the cycling is a bit better but not a lot.
next idea is: i have is to buy longer stem
2nd idea is to buy saddle support (pipe) that is bended backwards.



Best Answer 8 years ago

3rd idea: modify or replace the handlebars?



8 years ago

2nd idea - pain will go from back to Your knees - and stability will be very poor.
What kind of material is it made of?  If carbon steel its very easy to lengthen it, if Cr-Mo steel its possible but need more expertise in welding, if alloy (low type like 6006) its still possible but dont try with alloys like 7 or 8 types - I had AL 7007 its almost unweldable . Lemmonie has a very good idea....  

Go to a bicycle shop and get some real face to face advice.  Usually the people in the real bikes shops know what they are talking about and if they're not covered up with other customers are glad to help you with advice.