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how to live in peace? Answered




6 years ago

Watch "The meaning of Life" by Monty Python.

Or, lower your standard for others as low as they can go, while maintaining a high personal standard for yourself. that way everyone will always surprise you about how good they are at life, and you will realize how wonderful everyone really is.

Today is a good day to die.

That's a good one too.  Clearly the original Planet of the Apes needed more musical scenes in it. ;-)

To achieve internal serenity you must free yourself of any desire. According to oriental religions desire leads to passion and passion leads to pain. You must free yourself of mundane, earthly, materialistic desires and embrace a simple life. Be happy with yourself and better yourself without comparing yourself with others. A spiritual life is conducive to happiness because it fills the void that material things do not. Free yourself of negative thoughts like envy, hate, pride. Be generous and help others achieve their goals.

Fill your house with peas, and...


7 years ago

After 2 generations of enslavement by germans, communists and russians
my Czech people were sucked dry of the compromise gene in their stature,
to the point which I have personally witnessed in Prague Slovakia and my
home town Pardubice.
That if you put any two of my countrymen in a room you will find THREE
unalterably divergent Opinions, Incapable of acting in Peaceful Unity
as one whole.
Politicians caused it then and there are similar indications of fictionalizing
by politicians for self gain and not for love of country now.

Zking, support those that follow the Golden Rule.



7 years ago

You need water, power, septic, & wi-fi. Dig a hole, and stay there!

The first question you have to answer is what causes conflict or war. Let's start with war. Wars are fought over religious beliefs, greed, differences in opinion, the belief that you are improving the standard of living for your own people, prejudice, misunderstandings and mis-perceptions and of course love. There are of course others, of course, but these are probably the primary ones. You might say defending yourself from invasion is also a cause, but the real (root) cause is whatever is driving the invading army.

Conflicts (between individuals or groups of people) that may not result in war are the result of pretty much the same thing, plus now you also have the I'm smarter than you, I make more money, I'm not the same color as you. While these in many cases are real, they appear on more of a person or group level than on a national or country level.

In addition to this, there are what I will call two 'types' of people Those that are naturally aggressive, always wanting and/or enjoying conflict and are always looking for the potential or perceived threat in any and all situations. Then there are those that are non-aggressive looking for peace, quiet and calm.

I've said a lot about the cause of conflict or war, but little on how to live in peace. Quite frankly I don't think there's an answer. Find your own method for finding peace and fight like crazy to keep it !!!

Philosophically, peace is a temporary construct we put into our mind to say that everything is okay. It's part of the duality we live in. You can't have peace without conflict, or hot without cold, light without dark, love without hate, health without illness. It's just part of this dream we live in, and most won't realize it's a dream until they die.


7 years ago

1. Be nice to everyone
2. If people aren't nice to you, don't take it personally.
3. Realize that the universe is indifferent to your wants and needs
4. Always have a backup plan

Live alone.
Or learn to compromise effectively.
Or learn to live with conflict and complexity.

Remember: Conflict resolution:
Win-win, then compromise.

If those aren't options, both sides need to re-think their strategies.

With the way human nature is there is no real way to truly live in peace. Fighting will always happen, to crate complete peace without fighting of some kind would be a utopian society. This is just my opinon, all we can do is to try and reduce fighting and try to be nice to each other.