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how to make 12 foot Greecian columns for stage. Answered

HI, I need to make 4-12 foot columns and 4-3 foot columns to resemble ancient Thesolaniki (Greece) for the stage. I need to be able to break them down for transportation and storage into 8 foot lengths if possible. I was thinking of using concrete forms from the building supply section of our home improvement store, but perhaps you have another idea that is Light and inexpensive. I will be able to use the batton in the flyloft to attach a guide wire, so they won't topple. Thank you. 


Find a carpet shop and beg or buy some of the card tubes they roll carpets round.

Glue on corrugated cardboard with the wavy bit on the outside and aligned vertically

paint off white to represent stone work.

At the top and bottom cut 15mm MDF into squares 2 or 3 layers each slightly smaller then the one below. Glue to top and bottom to represent the stone pads at top and bottom.


or this sounds possible.


I seen this in some magazine somewhere. Take PVC and slice lengthwise (I think it was in 1/2, part of me is but thinking in 1/4's) and then mount inside a circular ring mount base. Thin strips of wood between each piece gives the effect of weight and solidity. Making inner plates as "ribs" to help hold it together and add strength will help. You could make them in four foot sections and have the "rib" the connection point for stacking. I hope this makes sense, I have it pictured in my head but don't know if its translateing well to my fingers. Good luck either way. :)


7 years ago

Sonotube. Its a heavy duty cardboard tube used as concrete form. You can get it in many differing lengths and diameters at most building supply companies.

That was my immediate idea also.

Me too... but I think I saw in Family Handyman (years ago) columns made with white PVC. I don't know if they would be cheaper or lighter at the diameter you want.

Do the 12 ft columns have to be strong? Would a fabric tube around a circular form at the top and bottom be stable enough?