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how to make Water Dancing to music Answered

how to make Water Dancing to music like here: /watch?v=V__gXW8lSAw?


My speakers work fine; the music plays through to both speakers clearly. But the problem is that in order for the water to dance, the volume has to be turned all the way up. Is there a way to fix this? I don't want to blow my speakers.

What I find really interesting is that they are extremely dependant on volume. It seems that one volume setting can be the difference between nothing happening and the perfect show.


4 years ago

would be great if you would make such a project :)

im still intrigued. could it be the movement of the speaker cone that creates the air pressure and thus the bubbles? perhaps using a one way valve? has anyone taken them apart yet? i might buy some

Building them is easy, simply hooking up the speakers and using probably 4 small pumps or jets and some LEDs attached to them but the hard part is the programming behind the orders to match the equalizer


5 years ago

thanks for your answer. you think there are 4 small air pumps? do you know how du buil such a circuit?

LEDs and an air pump by the look of it.