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how to make a 1 channel rc transmitter and reciever? Answered

how to make a 1 channel rc transmitter and reciever? i want to on/off a motor of 6volt 800mah wirelessly by rc system(btw the range of 5 metres) dont tell me to buy a rc car or readymade circuit since i am new to rf technology so i wana to know about it ant make it myself so please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me it is the project of my school i would be thankful for that


How to make one channel rf riciever

you could use a 27 mhz crystal 555 timer as basic components. here is a link.


I have the exact same problem and I have been looking for a solution for about a week any help would be great

This may be too complicated for some, but is a good way to do what you want to do without making complex circuits from scratch. Here is a link:

Hi, Thank you for all of you..

Can i use wireless mouse receiver and transmitter?


6 years ago

I have a similar question as sahilnarang has .I read the link that mr.rickharris posted but the circuit in it is not clear for me. could you explain furthur. I would really be thankful.(It's not for any school project , but for my own knowledge)

It is really too hard for the average amateur to successfully build a wireless TX RX. Buy a toy and hack it to bits.

Even I, (An electronics engineer with over 40 years of experience and teaching time),  would not try without a whole range of instrumentation which I doubt you have or would be able to use.

Sorry not trying to belittle your ambition just being realistic. Infra red control is possible as would a wired remote controls system.

IF you want information about infra-red control I suggest you read this

OK please tell me how to on/of the motor via any tv remote

a tv remote works on a n infrared led and sensor.just read the link given by rickharris....

Follow the link I gave in my original answer. A little reading will illuminate all for you.

hey what is picaxe input pin and what is the no of the input pin used in the circuit at page no 3

No read further ALL the answers are in one of the 3 PDF manuals at that site.

YOU really need to find out for yourself.

No-one said it was going to be easy!

wow 40years i'm amazed. what i told him in a previous post was to buy a toy but it was ignored.

40years and up that must have been a great fun time dude.

Started with valves (tubes) and progressed!

yeah the base of the base. that's how i understood transistors and others.

If you hit a major electronic supply house, it is (or was?) possible to buy the simple transmit/receive chips used in the toys. In single quantity, though, cannibalizing a toy may be cheaper.

As far as TV remote goes: See recent questions here in the Answers section; someone asked exactly that within the past week.

it is the owner of this question himself who asked it. and i went to waste some of my time to create circuit diagram for him. it consisted of 'cannibilizing' a toy which is far much cheaper but instead he posted a similar question asking for the easy way. and the easiest way is to buy a 2channel rc transmitter or is there another easy way?

I agree with others here that a scratch built RF circuit would be a challenge. However, there are a plethora of short range wireless TX/RX solutions available at a low cost. There are many modules available that can transmit low frequency digital signals over the range you need. One manufacturer is LINX Technologies, and I know that Digikey has carried many of their products. Their web site also has many good tutorials on using their products in RF remote control type applications.

If you are into microcontrollers, you could build a transmitter that would read switches or other inputs, transmit serial data reprsenting the state of the inputs. The receiver would also contain a microcontroller, and it could be programmed to read the serial data, and produce output signals needed to control whatever it is.


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If you want to transfer more data then only an on/off signal, you could opt for xbee. If you only want to sent that signal, then it is a bit of an overkill.

u can try making a 1 megahertz oscillator transmitter with a radio receiver.....