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how to make a 3d mushroom school project? Answered

I need to make a model of a mushroom/ can be made of clay paper mache. just about anything. i am not a craftie person and i need it to be easy please


What about a 3d PAPER mushroom, anyone? Awesome!

Get a can of spray insulation foam - might as well go for the stuff that expands to 4x its size, not the one for door/windows which minimally expand. Place a big can or round Quaker oats oatmeal box in the center of a lot of newspaper or a dropcloth. If you don't have that, just cut up some box cardboard and tape together to make the form, Place a 9" aluminum pie tin upside-down on top of the can/oatmeal box. Cover everything with a thin spray of foam. You may have to wait until it dries before you flip it over to cover the underside if needed. Add more foam if needed. When hard and dry, paint to look like a mushroom. Wear a pair of disposable latex gloves since the stuff does not wash off of your skin. Good luck.

Expanded polystyrene packaging is easy (if messy) to hack into shape, it would only need a thin skin of paper. L

inflate a baloon, cover it with paper mache (mostly on the top half, but a little past where you want it) then cut it at an even level that looks good. Get some kind of tube (maybe paper towel roll) and cover that with paper mache and use little strips to attach it to the underside of the dome you made with the baloon.

You could cheat massively, and buy one of those mushroom-shaped room air-freshers - paint it, or cover in a layer of papier mache. If you need it bigger, why not cut a foam football in half, stand it on a cardboard tube and then mache the lot?