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how to make a Altoids tin water proof ? Answered

I need it waterproof for my survival kit .



Best Answer 7 years ago

There is something called Parafilm made by American National Can. It's a thermoplastic strip that you stretch around something to seal it. It's good for grafts on plants and sealing dormant paint tubes, but I think it's mainly used by laboratories. One use only. 'Moisture resistant'

Real electrical tape is great. I've had a patch on a spray bottle of water for years. Hasn't leaked yet. It contracts in cold and expands in heat, though, so if you apply it at room temperature, go another few inches around if you're going to take it someplace cold. In a pinch, you can probably reseal with the same piece of tape once - if you've kept it clean.

I'd probably go with LargeMouthBass's ziplock for the fastest/ easiest solution (throw in some foam so it floats) and the gasket as the nicest.

"throw in some foam so it floats"

I can't stop myself, I have to respond. :) Foam would only help it float if it was on the outside; foam on the inside increases the weight without increasing displacement

That said, closed-cell foam would prevent the box from filling with water if the hinges weren't waterproofed, so if that's what you meant, ignore my rant.

Excellent point. My thought was brainless... I was thinking of putting a piece of foam in the ziplock to keep it from collapsing around the tin. The package might float, but what's the point in having a nifty compact survival kit if you're going to bundle it up so it it will no longer fit in a pocket? Thanks, CameronSS, foam was not a useful idea.


2 years ago

i seen a post not long ago about someone using a bike tube to seal a zippo for longer lasting fuel if you can find a bike tube large enough to fit around it i think it might work i am currently searching for the same thing cause i have an altoids tin for edc and it doesnt always get wet but in case of emergency i want it be able to get wet if needed to and thats the only thing i can think of atm with everyones ideas here

Dunk the whole thing in wax? That's a classic approach for waterproofing camping gear...

I wouldn't use an Altoids box for this, actually. The hinges create a set of holes that will make it harder to seal. There are lots of other small boxes which don't have that problem...

Put it inside a condom and tie a knot in it.

I was going to suggest the gasket as well but be careful of the hinge. I haven't seen one in awhile but it might make holes on the back edge of the bottom tray where it connects. Could be trouble if you want it to still open.

I would apply a bead of silicone around where the lid contacts the rest of the box, to serve as a gasket. I would also apply silicone to any other seams in the sheet metal, if there are any.

As a redundant layer of protection, it might also be good idea to put the contents into a ziplock bag, especially if it is super critical that they not get wet.