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how to make a archery fletching jig? Answered

I would like to make a jig to fletch arrows 



If he doesn't notice and post a comment here, try sending a PM to Tool Using Animal; he's the only Instructables user to have posted any archery I'bles.

I presume that typing fletching jig into Google did not provide you with any useful information.

Kelsey, if you ever get tired of highE physics, you have a real calling in the librarian world...

Sigh. It took me longer to actually type in that reply(including deciding which URL to use for the second link) and post it than it did to find the information :-(

Websearch for "make fletching jig" finds a number of designs. One that looks particularly plausible to me is


He doesn't provide measurements or materials but the principle is simple and obvious.

And yes, I'm an (out of practice) traditional archer. Recurve 30#.