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how to make a bow? Answered

It is for a boy 7 years old. We live in South India and would like to use indigenous materials.



7 years ago

get a strait peace of yew wood and tie a peace of string to one end and then flex the bow and tie the other end of the string to the other end of the wood. and get strait peaces of wood to make arrows.

hey i am form india too
which state do u live in???
i can see what i can do
 please reply


9 years ago

When i used to make them i would use branches from a ceder tree, but im pretty sure you dont have those in india so use any straight string branch and tie a string to both ends

The simplest bow is a straight, slightly springy stick, bent slightly and a length of inelastic twine tied to the ends. We make them like that with our Cubs, just using sticks they find in the wood and hempen twine, so that if they get abandoned in the woods they will decompose and not trap wildlife.