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how to make a economical quadcopter for my collage project ? Answered


Better ;-)

Now look at the quality links that have appeared on the right as "recent"


+1 How about an army of the picopters synced with each other?

Stick little pictures of it on a big piece of paper ?

Or is it a COLLEGE project ?

If you picked decent tags, like "quadcopter" or "quadrocopter", you'll discover a host of useful links and projects on here.


College and Collage are two different things (sadly, this isn't the first time I've seen that error here...)

junaidkhan980, perhaps you could credit "one of the Steve's" here, since you seem to have got a good answer to your question. :-)

With my special psychic hat on it - its a tinfoil one, on backwards. "Baron tools" were a manufacturer of leather stamping tools. Their special "Chevy bow-tie" tool is especially sought after, and can be found occasionally on Ebay. Otherwise, you're stuffed, unless you get one made.


lol... Sadly, I know what you mean, but I fail to see what that has to do with an "economical quadcopter" or a collage... Maybe someone else needs to revisit the college (with or without the tinefoil hat). ;)