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how to make a foot pedal to use as a clutch on a PC? Answered

i want to make a clutch for a driving game i already have the gas and brake pedal but no clutch pedal.
 my question is how would one go about making a clutch pedal and no i don't just want to run a momentary pedal on it as it has no real travel on it its just a pedal that goes on and off in a very exact spot 

thanks in advance 



How are you interfacing to the PC game?

You have a choice of a potentiometer, (a variable resistor) or a switch.

The first needs some software to read the value and interpretate it, the second need to be able detect toe switch press.

ya i have a flight stick that i am making into the gear shifter and i was going to use the rudder axis to make the clutch and the software is all set up for it i just don't know how to go about the making of the pedal side as it will need to a=have a spring return just like the one in the vid you posted but bigger and with the pot i have...

the software side is easy the making stuff side not so easy for me lol

here is the stick that i am using for the gear shifter

flight stick converson to gear stick.jpg

You can find old wheel and pedal sets at a lot of thrift stores for
cheap. Just pick one up and salvage one of the pedals off of that.

Does your wheel have a shifter or are you going to have to build that too?

i am making the gear shifter out of an old flight stick