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how to make a full size modelling desk for wargames like warhammer? Answered

wargaming, building scenery, airbrushing booth, drying racks etc allso paint storage, tool storage, easy acces and working fot other kinds of models, scale modelling etc...



Best Answer 6 years ago

1) Acquire a table. Pre made or make your own...
2) Add an airbrushing booth (search instructables - "paint booth" or "fume hood")
3) Add storage (search instructables - "storage" etc)
4) Add drying racks...seeing a theme here?
5) Profit.

1/ I am designing one, just thinking about all the features i can add
2/ will follow these links...
3/ storage is going to be a key feature, especially for bits and/or spare pieces
4/ this is allso a key feature
5/ no profit needed, just quality of work...

The idea is to make the desk and/or hobby room into a conveyer belt system, so i can work in steps always in the same manner...

Thx for the comment ;-)

Great stuff! I really hope you end up posting whatever you make!

Just remember, take a large project and break it into many smaller parts, each of those is usually much easier to build/make/integrate.

Hi guys, I've been thinking, designing on paper and collecting parts for the desk wich probably will be part of my "mancave" in the next house we will be moving into... Lighting will definitely be LED daylight lighting, with an array that can be moved.

I've allready hacked a desk light and webcam for filming and taking photographs, found a painting booth, i'm now adding suction to it for removing paint fumes and dust etc... the lid is in plexi, and includes the front panel and above panel and can be lifted. I'll add photographs later. A desk chair is no problem, i have a fully adjustable one.

Storage will be in pre made cupboards (used to store paper products under a copy machine)...

The desk itself wil probably be hand made, i didn't find a suitable computer desk yet.

Thx for the advice and keep on going with the answers ;-)


All of the above is good advice.

I would include: 1) finding a comfortable chair

2) installing a lamp with a daylight bulb. One that can be moved about is best.



6 years ago

just use a computer desk

Thx for the advice, and you are right indeed, a big project should be cut into little projects, one thing at a time...

First off will be the modelling desk + space for tools and supplies (paint, glue, sculpting tools, files, etc, etc???)

Thereafter we can begin to make a paint station and drying rack...

I'll add a few ideas tomorrow, now i need to sleep :DDD