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how to make a good cat wheel for my lazy fat cat from an easy home materials? Answered

my cat has gained little bit more weigh than he should , and is 2 years old, he does'nt run as before, i want to build him a nice practial cat wheel, as i live in egypt and we dont have this products sold in our pet stores. If possible i need the full detailed description, please thanks alot Nihal


Diet is an important thing: check with your vet for the appropriate intake for your cat. Exercise? Easy!! Good luck with the wheel; I know MINE would never use it! But a laser light? You betcha! One cat will run herself ragged chasing the little red dot, but the other one holds out for toys. I use a kiddy fishing pole, only about 1 1/2-2 feet long, with a couple of leather thongs tied to the end of the line. Sometimes I mix it up and add feathers. the other cat loves it when I "cast" the lure, then reel it in at varying speeds. Cats aren't like dogs. You can actually get a dog on a treadmill, but cats are all about what's in it for them. If you keep to the decision to make a wheel, I'd suggest NOT using catnip as a lure or incentive. Cats would rather rub and roll in it. Also, do not use yarn or string as if they swallow a length, it could cause digestive problems or worse. As the wheel would have to be of a fair size, I'd really suggest the laser pointer or fishing rod (collapsible or otherwise). If you HAVE to have a wheel, try to give it a duel purpose: maybe the top could be a table or something. Good luck!


I am currently working on this project in order for the average person to be able to build or buy one. The ones available to purchase are either WAY too expensive, really cheaply made, or too small. What I have learned so far is the biggest issue is making or buying a large enough cylinder (appx 45 inch diameter, give or take 5 inches) for a reasonable price/effort. The two most promising products commercially available are cardboard tube used in the construction industry for cement forms, and a product called Neatform which is kerfed MDF laminated to a bendable something or other. Both products are hard to find locally and shipping is quite expensive. I will post an instructable when I figure out what to make the tube out of! The rest is pretty easy, lots of ways to build the frame, the axle (although I'm trying to do it with NO axle! It will roll on wheels on its outer diameter), etc. if you come up with a solid, economical way to make or buy a tube PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Good luck!

I have read some posts on another site, not about cat wheels, and learned that Sonotube comes in a ton of diameters and lengths. The main issue, I gather, is finding a supplier that won't make you buy a huge length, like maybe 12 feet or so. I saw prices quoted for 20 inch Sonotube special ordered from Home Depot, costing in the range of $125. or so, forget the length. But if you knew someone in the construction industry, they'd likely be able to get it for you at far less expense. It's supposed to be easy to cut, hand saw or circular saw.

I wonder if a construction site would let you have used Sonotube, once they cut it off the forms ? I know they can't leave it on long, it won't last, especially in wet weather, but indoors it lasts darn near forever. Shouldn't be too hard to make it one piece again, maybe some wood to splice the cuts ? You can use sheet metal screws to fasten Sonotube, I read somewhere. I've seen various things made with pieces of it, and so long as it's dry and out of the sun, it's pretty long lasting. I would wonder about the weight though.. might be too heavy ? Just an idea anyway.. I 'd sure love to build a cat wheel for my feline overlords too. I know the little one would go nuts for a toy like that.

On youtube Richard Norton made a cat wheel but I can not find the particular video. His cats use it in many of the videos that he posts though so you can get a good look at it there. He made a really big circle out of reinforced wood and made the part that they walk on out of metal which would not be good in the heat. I think narrow but thick strips of wood may work for that part if it is done carefully. Then you would brace each piece in the front to the one next to it to hold it all together. His cats have a big outdoor pen to play in and the wheel is attached to the side of the pen. You could also make a stand and hang it from there but I would make the stand in an A frame to make sure it will not tip over if your cat is too heavy. Richard is a very nice man and would be happy to talk to you if you contact him through youtube.com Good luck :)

While building your cat an exercise wheel isn't too difficult, getting him to use it will be the real challenge. If you are interested in your feline friend loosing a little weight I'd suggest the same thing I would suggest to a human: Diet and exercise. The diet doesn't have to be anything special, just appropriate to your cat's size. And for exercise you just need to let your cat outside and run around. If you live in apartment this may be more difficult, why not just play with you cat to get it's energy levels up, and implement good eating habits (only feed a certain times). Hope this helps!