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how to make a hand/fingers excerciser to move fingers with the help of motors and gears.? Answered

My wife had met with accident and all four fingers are damaged and operated. Now I do regular exrcise to move fingers of left hand. Advice me how to make finger exerciser with the help of motors and gears.



Best Answer 9 years ago

a small geared motor could be hooked up with a cam to move 'back and forth'. If you built an exoskeleton out of aluminum or wood that fit outside the fingers (attached to a light glove), the motor could extend and retract the fingers.

Please help me with how to build CAM, Exoskelton. It will be of gr8 help if you can give some diagrams

Where does she need to bend her fingers? At the knuckle closest the fingernails, or at the knuckles closest to the palm? (or both?) Does she do any of the work to move her fingers, or is it just a device to move her fingers and rebuild nerves/tissue? How fast do you move her fingers? 'exoskeleton' needs some good building skills. I'm thinking aluminum u-channels that the fingers fit in, with hinges at each knuckle so the fingers can bend. Hinges need to be in the centre of the axis of the knuckle so it bends the same 'way' as the finger does.

this type of motor, with a cam/crank converts rotation into back-and-forth motion. The exoskeleton is a hand-rehab exoskeleton, and is far more complex than you are thinking...but it shows what I mean.


Dear Frollard, You are g8r , U understood the exact requirement, I am delighted to see the hand-rehab exoskeleton. I have never heard of it. Can you tell me where can I buy it. I am from Kolkata , India. I dont know where I can find this exoskeleton. She needs both movements At the knuckle closest the fingernails, and at the knuckles closest to the palm. Hope for the best and Thanks a ton in advance. Regards Naresh

it's a medical tool I just googled 'hand rehab exoskeleton'. I honestly don't know where you'd buy one, it looks like a custom medical device. Ask your doctor?