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how to make a homemade family tree? Answered

for hanging small family pictures



Best Answer 10 years ago

start from the bottom, work your way up? maybe sure you have accurate information!


10 years ago

I'm just winging this, but here's what I'd do. I would get 26 gauge floral wire and floral tape (both in brown) and some tiny frames from the crafts store; a good sized flat bottomed rock to use as a base; and some moleskin from the foot care section of your local drugstore. With wire cutters, cut as many 2 ft sections of wire as you want family members on your tree. Bundle them together with twist ties to start (remove them later when it's shaped how you like). Depending on the size of your rock, splay about 6" of the wire and wrap it tightly around the rock, taping the wire ends securely to the bottom. Once they're secured, add a big enough round of moleskin to protect your furniture surface )and your hands as you work!) Twist the rest of the wires that are attached to the rock until you have a satisfactory 'trunk.' Then branch off groups of wires for each branch of the family, separating and arranging them so they are pleasing to your eye. Once the 'tree' is tall enough to suit you, bend the end of each wire so it forms a hanger for your frame. Make sure you leave enough room so they don't look crowded. Scan or copy pictures so they're small enough to fit the frames, hang them in family groups, hot glue a little moss to your rock, and enjoy. I considered saying to wrap the trunk in florist tape but that might look a little tacky. I think the grouping of bare wires would look better. Let me know how it turns out!