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how to make a hybrid go kart ( i.e., with the motor and the engine)..? Answered

I want the go kart to start with  the motor and after it reaches 20-30 speed, it should run with the engine.. can anybody help..? How the transmission will take place..?



4 years ago

We don't know where you live India, UK, USA ?

A wood base can do 20mph on a street but you need metal to go "off road"

Do you weld or know someone who does ?

There is no transmission just a centrifugal clutch and simple belt pulls to engage the motors.

Do you know how heavy the battery is ?

Hybrid ? Is it your intention to use a generator to recharge the battery ?

What is your budget ?

Thank You for the reply..

I live in india

yeah i can weld and also know some friends who can..

the battery which i want to use is 48v dc (4 batteries of 12v each) and it should be very light in weight..

Are there any other source for charging the battery..? if yes, the what is it..? but if no, then i should go by the generator..

and also if you can give some new ideas or innovation, it would be great..

I mean to say that.., for first 20-30 speed, the go kart should run with the battery and on the same time after it reaches that speed, engine should start and run..

It should run simultaneously (with battery and engine)

The reason i want to use the battery is for the faster startup and pickup..

IC = Internal Combustion engine

So, when both the electric motor and the IC engine are running.

is the IC charging the battery and turning a different wheel ?

Can you explain me how the IC will charge the battery..?

And i am planning to keep the motor..

A portion of the IC mechanical shaft torque will use a belt and pulley to spin an alternator that generates suitable electric energy to charge the battery.

You understand that you are planning to build much more then a go kart

You are actually trying to building a car on a Zero Rupee budget.

My best advise is to go to university and study engineering to realize how to mechanical and electric components need to be assembled to make a real go_kart and understand the difference between a car.

I will strive to answer your questions but you must make the decisions.

Now ..... Is it your plan to :

1. Power the kart drive wheel only by the electric motor ?

2. Power the kart drive wheel by the emotor then switch to the IC separately ?

3. Power the kart drive wheel by the emotor and the IC together ?

4. Power one kart drive wheel by the emotor and second drive wheel by the IC ?

5. Or do you have another way ? Please explain !

okay listen.., i want to make a hybrid go kart so please explain me the DRIVE TRAIN..

I hear you....

Are you ..... able to read ..... and DECIDE which hybrid go kart variation 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 you want to attempt to make.

Maybe then I could try to arrange some kind of drive train.

IF you do not understand 1234 you will not understand the answer you seek !

1. such a vehicle may be illegal on the road

2. WHY?

3. most hybrids are very complex - the electric motor drives through the common gear box. this will be very difficult to arrange DIY.