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how to make a inner cycle tube at home Answered

I need to make a small inner tube for a project. I cannot get a custom one made at a smaller size. The length of the tubing should be just 110 mm. i have to use a valve that is made of rubber, plastic or stainless steel ( last option) . The tube goes into a magnet, so i have to be careful that the valve i use must not be iron or any attracting materials. Is there a possibility to make it at home.


Light rubber tube - Silicone perhaps as Steve says or even heat shrink tube - Seal with super glue and inflate with a syringe - seal the hole with a blob of super glue or a patch.

MUST it be inflated - O rings make great tires or even an elastic band over a suitable sized wheel works.

Perhaps you can glue 2 wide rubber bands together one on top of the other with super glue and inflate with Syringe. A valve would need to be very small.

@rickharris: thank you... i will try the heat shrink tubing .... yeah it need to be inflated as well as i should be able to adjust the air pressure.

i thought of bicycle tubing with schrader valve..the problem is everything should be non magnetic....

Its a cylinder placed inside another cylinder with 10 mm gap. i need to insert the tubing in between to prevent outer cylinder's vibration from being transferred to the inner one.

i want something to adjust air pressure.... i dono how to????

Early bikes has valve made from a small tube surrounded by a thin rubber tube (you can still buy it.)

The rubber tube was squashed against the outside tube by the air pressure sealing the inner tube off. Higher pressure from a pump forced air passed the rubber into the tire.

If the inner and outer tube don't actually rotate then you can permanently connect the rubber ring to an air source to keep inflated.

Isolation traditionally is done by hanging the inner cylinder on small rubber bands all round like bike spokes. With a 10mm gap you could use sheering elastic and sew it in place (like used in under ware)

@ rick: It cannot stay inflated all the time. I have to deflate the air to remove the inner cylinder.

i will try to look for that tube in the internet.. thank u


I will do the rubber band and check it out.. thank u ...

I also thing gluing 2 wide rubber bands together with super glue will work.

So make yourself a stainless or brass schrader. They're not very complicated.

What about using surgical tubing? I'm not sure what diameter you need, but that might be your best bet for something small, yet strong.

@canucksgirl: u mean something like rubber bladders???

LOL... no. I mean "surgical tubing". They use it in hospitals etc. - pretty common stuff. Its the same tubing a druggie would use to wrap around their arm... Looks like this. (btw, no... I don't use drugs). So, google it, its pretty easy to come by. ;)


@canucks girl: Thanks a lot for the info....the tubing should be between two cylinders. the id of outer cylinder is 120 mm and the gap between both is 10 to 12 mm..

i need something very thin and i should be able to adjust the air pressure in the rubber tube so that i can inflate it to prevent vibrations from outer cylinder passing on inner one.

i thought of using a plastic valve to adjust the air flow. I should look for something very small or develop another idea.....

The other thing that might work for you is the tubing used for exercise in resistance training. They're made out of rubber and come in various strengths. With either the surgical tubing or the exercise bands, you can easily plug up the ends or melt the rubber so that its sealed to the length you want.

Again, I don't know what diameter tubing you need, so if you could be more specific about that, I might have more ideas for you.


@steve : I need something to adjust the air pressure

The tubing you use to make it won't affect the means you use to adjust the pressure.

How MUCH pressure ?


@steve: i'm not sure of pressure in terms of psi.. But since i'm just going to inflate the tube by 10mm its not that much...