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how to make a mandoline slicer? Answered

I know I can buy one (some of the prices are hight, though), but I like to make things myself. a mandoline slicer might be an interesting project.


I would use floor scraper blades, ether 4" , or 8". They are thin and sharp, and relatively inexpensive

When I was a kid my family always pulled out the old mandolin slicer. It was wood with at least a 6 inch wide slicing area. it was about 18 inches long. It looked like it was 50 years old but would slice any size cabbage.

I imagine you could still make them out of wood but my preferred material would be plexiglass held together with epoxy. The blades could be wood planer blades.
All these items can be found at Lowe's or most other hardware stores.

Be careful with those planer blades, they are very sharp!! Perfect for a mandolin blade.

It wouldn't be to hard to put an adjustment on the area before the blade that would go up and down, thus altering the thickness of the cut.

Just a note:
The planer blade may be kind of thick. this would only be a problem when slicing something hard or thick.

Might have to grind some of the thickness away. Just be sure not to get the blade hot as it will lose it's temper.

Your probably better off just buying the damn thing. What are you gonna make your own out of? Wood? No, its either gonna be metal or plastic. Do you have access to the equipment to machine metal or plastic? How are you gonna make the blade? You'll easily end up spending more on raw materials then just purchasing one. Its just one of those things. I mean if you really wanted to make one, go for it, but if it was made cheaper then it would be to get one from the store, its probably not going to be very reliable and even worse, unsafe.

aside from the cutter why cant you make it from wood? just now noticed this was posted 3 years ago but I am looking around at doing this because most mandolin slicers are rather small 3 to 4 inches wide, i want to make one 6 inches wide.