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how to make a mic out of electronic waste? Answered

a homemade mic



Build a classic carbon granule microphone by burning all your electronic waste and using the carbonised remanents..... ;-) Steve

It depends on what waste you have. You need something to act a a diaphragm to move the coil in time with the sound waves, a coil, magnet or piezo crystal to be moved by the diaphragm. The coil and magnet go together and one is stationary and one moves to generate the tiny current that you will amplify. You need something to hold all of this together and some wires that lead to an amp.

And that said, it would probably be easier to simply buy a decent quality mic than to try and construct your own. A quick google search reveals that microphones can be purchased for less than $10.

Or taken out of scrapped web cams, tape recorders etc. I figured his project was to explain how a mic. works by building one.