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how to make a monumental figurative sculpture? Answered

Use wire, hammered copper, foam, wood, fiberglass? I want to make a 30' figurative sculpture. Any suggestions?


http://michaelsremodeling-mm.blogspot.com..............About the Statue, she belongs in a park, not in a subdivision. An edible landscaping, eco-village park surrounding it would be perfect. Please go to “Three Hundred year old Food Forrest in Vietnam”, on you-tube, to get an idea.

The statue is the Universal Mother, formerly the Statue of Motherhood. Some other names that people call it are The Golden Mother of Burke, and The Madonna of Southampton. She is meant to represent hope, and all that is good in motherhood. She was never intended to be a religious statue.
Hey, without motherhood, none of us would be here, and without hope, or lives would be a complete
Hope is the queen of the virtues, underlying all of the rest. It motivates and strengthens, paving the
way for all good things, not just the empty promises of the material life, but the fulfillment of a
spititual one
Though she is not the Virgin Mary per se, she does represent mothers love, and Mary of Nazareth is a shining example of that. Some black friends told me that she could be African American because of her lips. Then I saw a picture in a national Geographic of an Indian woman that looked like the statue. I had often wanted to make a multi-cultural sculptural face, and I believe that I have done so, at least unconsciously.
The clothing is a mix from many different cultures as well, and I am open to improving it in future models. The clothing in itself was quite a project. It took about a year to figure out how to do it, what colors to use, and to get the style right. Then it was learning to be a tailor for extra- large women. All in all, it was five years start to finish, in order to build the statue. In the beginning, it was the spontaneity of art work, I just wanted to do it. After a while, the huge amount of time and of money involved left me wanting to abandon the project. What kept me going was the sincere belief that if even one small child looked upon the statue and felt a glow of hope, then it was all worthwhile.
The statue is built like a railroad trestle, of interlocking wood girders. The form (like a giant mannequin), is made of small steel tubing, and wire mesh. The clothing is copper powder in silicone caulk, reinforced with fiberglass mesh. It is unique, durable, and will find many applications in industry and homes. I call it SMD, and it is more than likely original, although at this point in time it is probably un-patentable. This method will allow for sculptural improvisation in architecture..

Yo, jtobako, you might have a look at the scupture on statueofmotherhood.com. it utilizes a newer, and less expensive, technology.

jimmies mom photo.jpg

30 feet tall?  What's your budget?  Copper is going to cost a mint, so is any kind of casting (literally TONS of material at that size).  Another is how long do you want it to last?  Days for a straw figure, years for wood, decades for fiberglass...

You could try metal casting. Do a Google/ Youtube search for
"Babington Burner"  They are simple to make use waste motor or
vegetable oil,and burn hot enough to melt metals.

Any of those or all of them together.  You can pick what is available to you, what you can work with and most important is what you see as being proper for your art.

Is this an inside piece or an outside piece?

You may also need to think about a more rigid armature to help carry the weight, possibly spreading out into the base, especially given that this particular design is  is top-heavy and supported at a single point.

Seems to be the week for large sculptures... see also responses to the guy who asked about building a stargate mockup.

Before I forget: CHECK YOUR LOCAL ZONING RULES. More than one artist has discovered that they were going to be forced to take down what they just spent years getting ready to put up.