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how to make a piezo disk wiggle? Answered

how would you make a piezo disk wiggle so you could see it move. Short story short i ultimately want to make a dual piezo cooling jet that GE had made (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm5fXj-hUpk)


As mpilchfamily said everything is in the video to drive the piezo slowly you could use a 555 timer circuit. then have the piezos face each other with a spacer to hold them in place.

Everything you need to know is given in the video. Then it's just a matter of playing around with frequencies and materials to attach the disks too. There system is a pair of piezo disks facing each other so that when they get a pule the resulting sound wave pushes the disks apart. So you need a good light and thin membrane to attach the disks too. If you want more specifics then try to find a copy of GE's patent for the product.