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how to make a powerful, cheap, pocket-sized EMP device? Answered

I am looking for a pocket sized device that is powerful and cheap (50-75$)



Most electronic devices will emit EMP. I take it you want EMP that can actually effect other electronic devices. First of all any device that can emit a damaging amount of EMP is too big to fit in your pocket and needs a substantial power source. Secondly having such a device may violate many federal regulations reguarding what kinds of emissions a device is allow to have and how it can and can't effect other devices

Not only U.S. federal: all advanced nations have regulations governing broadcast interference (which includes both jamming and EMP).

I think the politically correct phrase is "developed nation", to describe those nations in which the use of technology and energy is widespread, and the adjective "developing nation" is used to describe everywhere else.

So the world is divided into "develop-ed nations" and "develop-ing" nations, and is sort of implied that everyone wants development, i.e. cars, cell phones, computers, clean water, and modern medicine, etc.

I suppose the words "advanced nations" and "retarded nations" could be used instead, but who wants to be called "retarded", if only in respect to technological development?

I'm not sure why I'm defending politically correct language, but it is topic you should be aware of... because knowing is half the battle.  So what's the other half? Well, that's the subject of this amusing YouTube video:

G.I. Joe : The Other Half

Hi, Jack. I wrote too quickly.

If you really want to engage in linguistic prescriptivism, I can point you toward numerous resources so that you can expand your lecturing repertoire.

Dang!  I'm sorry about that Kelsey.  That comment of mine was off topic. I think I was trying to say something unkind about American hubris, but I meant no offense against you personally.

In fact I like the way you write. You're one of the people who have their spell-check turned on, and you care enough to get the homophones right too.

So I am just going to say I am sorry, and respectfully decline your offer to learn more about linguistic prescriptivism. You're right. I don't really want to go there.

No worries! It sounds like American imperialism might be an issue close to your heart :-) As a member of the patriarchy (sarcasm intended :-), I do need to be careful about my language choices, and I usually am.

Are you afraid Ironman's going to attack you? Regardless, it can't be done. If it could don't you think the military would be using it to defuse bombs and bring down planes?


5 years ago

Electro Magnetic Pulse can be generated electrically, chemically or by a nuclear detonation.
The directional EMP i like is one that can lock up the teen's revving cycle on my street and burn out the wiring too.

Leaving out the nuclear option, the chemical one ( C4 ) Cnair is the only one that might fit in your pocket, while directional it is noisy and needs some room for safe ONE TIME Operation, and way beyond your budget.

The electrical can be Capacitive or Inductive.  Both wind-up in one form and suddenly release stored potential energy into a EM device usually reusable very large or heavy and expensive.
SO it CAN'T BE DONE even at a $ 100......