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how to make a rc plane transmitter? Answered


It's not feasable anymore. The available units are much cheaper than you could build and even if you built one you wouldn't get near the quality and features available.

It requires a bit of expensive electronic test equipment like an oscilloscope and spectrum analyser.

It's even illegal to build you own in most countries unless you have a license to build.

but can you you use a labtop to control a rc plane.

Not directly, you'll still need an interface (transmitter) to relay the commands to the plane.

don't even think about it - FAR too hard these days.

If the plane uses standard RC servos for control surfaces, I would just us an off the shelf model from a place like tower hobbies.

If this is a custom build, I would consider some kind of serial RF link. There are many solutions out there for transfering a serial data stream. No RF design required other than an appropriate antenna. The cost will of course be proportional to the desired range and reliability of communication.

With a serial link to a microprocessor on the aircraft, the functionality would be limited only by your programming skill and ambition.

Overall, though, your request is pretty vague, so I don't know if I've helped.