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how to make a rc plane transmitter? Answered

Hi dose anyone know how to make a RC plane transmitter by either making a RC car transmitter have a longer transmitting distance or by building it from scratch thank you.



8 years ago

I have a circuit diagram but the problem is that it has only 3 Channels but you can easily convert it into 4 channnel one.You can get the circuit diagram from www.coolcircuits.com. I am not sure about its range but it will be pretty good.If not you will have to buy a rc servo kit or remove the existing servo from a rc car.

Although not impossible it would be as expensive and possibly more expensive than buying a budget set up. There are fairly strict regulations in most countries about frequency/ power and range of such transmitters. A budget electric park flier and radio control set may only cost $30 or so - The effort and hardware and electronics would cost more.