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how to make a see through/ transparent keyboard for a pc? Answered

i want to make a see through keyboard for my pc. i want it to be just a sheer piece of glass or plastic with maybe a bar at the top or side to hold the hardware. it probably has to be a touchscreen. with fibre optics as well? i dont really know. the 'keys' would be great if they could be lit up but i don't know how that would be possible without showing wires. it would also be an added bonus if it was wireless. i was thinking of something looking like the keypad of the lg crystal. i need some help as i don't really have an idea of how to make it. anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance.


Ive been thinking along lines of a clear perspex/glass kb too and a google brought me here have you any answers yet?. As im building a desk with a pc built into it and dont want a boring kb.

My electrical knowledge is basic, but was thinking of going 2 ways:

1. A kb engraved on a 'Sheet' with led's to light up engravings from edges n using light sensors for every key (small as poss and embedded as close to surface as poss) and creating a circuit with smallest wires n parts poss (or transparent cased 'micro' wiring.) (Said my knowledge was basic)

2 using a projection of a keyboard from underneath and using an (i think its a cam) IR camera to pick up the finger 'presses'. i seem to remember reading about this method for turning a rear projection TV into a touchscreen monitor a good few years ago.


8 years ago

Here is some Google research for you to do:

Atmel Qtouch
Indium Tin Oxide

As for how it'd all go together, that's beyond my skill level at the moment...

Programmable touch screens are available.  Get one in a size that will work for you then program it to be a keyboard.  They are used alot in DIY flight simulators to make radar screens, gauge clusters etc.