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how to make a shave (shaving) horseoo.? Answered

 Colonial saw horse, you sit on it and clamp wood in it while using a draw knife


There are lots of ways to build a shaving horse (also known as a "bodgers bench")

Just do  google image searches for "shaving horse" and "bodgers bench".
That should give you some good ideas.

I actually built one myself. It was the first  and only one that I' ve ever made.
The thing is pretty  radical .It has folding legs  and comes apart too for
storage or transport:( though  it's been neither stored nor transported).
I basically used materials that I had on hand.

Here are some pics of mine.

Feel free to modify <a href="http://www.primitiveways.com/shaving-horse.html">these plans</a> as needed.<br />