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how to make a signal jammer??? Answered

simply,easily,for project,what are the things to need,what are the problems in that,plz reply guys am college student...


Here is my DIY:



While it most certainly will be illegal anyway, it would be very nice, if you gave us the slightest hint of the kind of signal you want to jam. Is it electro-magnetic (radio), optical, acoustical, chemical? What kind of frequency and amplitude? Distance between sender and receiver, is the way of transmission accessible or covered/protected and so on.


6 years ago

You can BLOCK a signal using a metal mesh screen. Asking someone to stand still while you set up your screen cage around them might be a bit obvious.

If you know you want to BLOCK signals when you are building a structure, you can put a decent amount of steel in the walls.

(That is not illegal, since it is not interference.)

I do know of some schools and libraries that do this.

Not legal. As a consumer, you are bound by part 15 of the FCC rules and regulations. This states that your device may not cause any harmful interference, and it must accept any interference received.

A. I will not tell you how to do something illegal, and B. if this is homework, then you need to figure it out for yourself!

(Plus, you didn't even tell us what you want to jam....)

What if you are not a consumer. Whaty if you build a signal jammer from scratch.

Even if you are not a consumer, you will need an FCC license to use it. The FCC will not allow overlapping frequencies (what you need for a jammer) on any other licensed frequency, or on the frequencies reserved for part 15, so you would not be able to get an FCC license for a signal jammer for anything that people use.

The only exception I have heard of (and it was just a rumor) was some schools (not private) might be able to use a cell phone jammer, but again, this is just a rumor that I heard, I have never actually seen it done.

If you build the jammer from scratch, it still has to comply with the FCC. You can build it... and I even believe you can buy it legally, but you can not use it legally.

Well, you can also use canned preserves. Get some raspberry or grape jam (best for radio waves). And jam that signal!

+1, but if you use peanut butter to modulate it you can very successfully use strawberry.

They are illegal in the U.S and in Europe. I doubt you'll get any help for that sort of thing here.