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how to make a simple LED running message display? Answered

share you knowledge please..^_^ thanks..



7 years ago

i dont know how to do

please sir give some tips

Are you talking about "Persistence of Vision" display or a bar of leds that scroll a message across.

If the pov then take a look over on the right under "RELATED" and see if what you need is there.

If it's the other then...

Take a look at these two links. OneTwo.  If this doesn't get you started then Google "DIY scrolling message" for more.

I doubt if either method is simple but neither one is impossible.

If you put this on the back of your car, drivers won't take too kindly to it.lol

thanks for the answer..and for the link... how about using a group of LED connected in a bar...

hello sir.can you help us.we are going to do running display project. wat are the basic components needed