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how to make a simple cat toy? Answered

it can be a chuw toy or it can be a ball or something.


Here's a little "toy" that my cats love that I found by accident. Remove the plastic ring from a gallon milk jug and roll it. The cats jump at it, swat it, chase it,fling it, chase it some more, it's entertaining for the cats and you. After a while they quit and you can just roll it at them again. Worse case they don't play with it and you have to pick it up to throw it away.

You can even tie on a few inches of yarn and they like that too. makes it harder to roll but is still light enough for them to toss around.

crumple a sheet of tissue paper or take a stuffed animal and then put a bunch of catnip in the toy and then resew it together again or a stick with a string and a feather at the end of the string all cheap all easy all done


7 years ago

Go to the Instructables section. Look in 'Living' - pets - and either 'cat' or 'toy'

Or.... type CAT TOYS into the instructable search box in the upper right of this page. Lots of ideas.

Hi there,
My dad is a veterinarian and throughout his cat adoption area he has balls which hang from the ceiling by elastic bands. Cats love things that move (such as moving strings). Every time a cat hits one of the balls, the elasticity of the string causes it to constantly bounce, which the cats seem to love!