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how to make a simple rc car for 13 year old child ? Answered



If the child is 13 he or she probably isn't interested in a slow rc I can help you modify a slow rc like from walmart into a fast one.

1. make it wire controlled. 2 Motors left and right 3 or 4 wheels. Styling is up to you. This might help http://www.tep.org.uk/PDF/NV16/NV16_MechaSocca.pdf

Turn either motor off or on with separate switches this allows you to control direction.

2. Do the same with a radio control system (bought) or robbed from a toy and set the servo to do the switching.

3. Go to microprocessor control - EG the Picaxe will read and act on either IR signals or the output of a standard radio control, system.

4. Buy RC system 1 servo and ESC - Servo steers ESC controls speed.

The rest of the styling and or mechanicals is up to your ability, budget, access to suitable materials.

Here's an instructable for making an rc car. A remote control car needs certain parts to function, and I'm not sure this is your idea of "simple", but take a look anyways. I'm sure you can improve on the appearance of the project.