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how to make a simple walkie talkie with an operating range of 100meters? Answered

i am about to make a walkie talkie and require each step for making it
it should be of the operating range 100metres 


 you should have a basic knowledge of electronics and soldering. If you want it in the AM band then solder up this thing. if in the FM band try this one. the FM transmitter displayed has its frequency adjusted using C5 which is a variable capacitor. 

 If you really want simple you're gonna have to go for primitive radio technology. As in a spark gap transmitter. You'll see in that article what it basically is. Check out these videos for that matter.

 A walkie talkie is a portable, two-way, communications device. So we are now missing a receiver. Here's an AM receiver. Here's a FM receiver. All you need to do is pack those into something to make it portable. You can just pack it in a backpack or something. All it needs to be a walkie talkie is portability. Those links to transmitters and receivers are the simplest ones I can find at the moment, so don't expect state-of-the-art DIY walkie talkie plans here. 

Anyway, to increase range you just make a bigger antenna; it's that simple.

Hope I get a "best answer" on my part here. 

"Anyway, to increase range you just make a bigger antenna; it's that simple"

Well, actually, it's not. The size of the antenna is directly related to the frequency at which you're communicating. Ideally, you'd like an antenna which is 1/2 of the wavelength you are using (wavelength = 299792458 / frequency meters).

Even if you're not using a full 1/2 wavelength antenna, you'll still be able to communicate, however inefficiently (usually demonstrated by decreased range and/or more static). This is probably the case in most toy walkie talkies. Thus, you can probably increase their range (slightly), by "making the antenna bigger" but only to a point. At some point, you're limited by the power you inject at the antenna feed, as well as the sensitivity of your receiver.


I know. It's just that if you didn't notice, this was over a year ago, so I think you'd have already known that I would do my research and homework and whatnot and know this stuff already.

 And by the way, you can just modify a toy walkie talkie to get your desired range, and by modify, I mean extend the antenna with more wire. I suggest solid and not stranded wire. 


8 years ago

 i too want to make something similar
in my case even if it does not transmit in another direction it's ok 
it's like if i speak my friend standing some distance away must be able to hear it.
it's kinda one way mobile phone. size doesn't matter
so do you hav any suggestions on bulding this!
a mic and antenna with me   and circuit (antenna ,receiver, and loud speaker some distace away)
it has to be wireless.


Answer 8 years ago

 i know to solder and have basic knowledge of elctronics.

Here are a couple of schematics to get you started.  There are not many DIY walkie talkie projects around.  There are two main reasons for that. 

1.  It is a difficult project.  You need some test equipment and a fair knowledge about electronics.

2.  It's illegal in most countries.  In the US you can only build a transmitter to be used in certain bands.  Mostly in the ham bands.  And then only use it if you have a license.  In the CB band no one that is not a licensed radio tech can repair or build a cb radio.  It's the same in the other bands other than the ham bands.  One of the reasons for that is that you build something and don't realize that it's also transmitting "trash" on some other bands and you interfere with necessary communications.

3.  It's not cheap.  You are going to spend several times more for parts and not be assured that you will have a usable unit in the end.

Even the cheapest toy should be able to get 100 metres range.

You have already decided that this is the BEST solution to what you are trying to accomplish??  You might want to re-ask you question or give more details, such as like this:   "How do i monitor my garage 100 meters away to know if anyone is messing with my car."  or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.  That would only require ONEWAY communications.  There are several ways to accomplish communications. and requires NOT to be portable.... and WIRED  would work best.  You might want to communicate on a lightbeam... laser or led.  It is not very difficult and there is at least ONE instructable on how to do that and it is EASY.  If you truly need the PORTABILITY and 2WAY communications of a walkie talkie for your application, then why not just buy a set at radioshack.  100 meters is only about 300 feet isnt it?  even KIDDIE walkie talkies would do that. 

Do you know electronics and how to solder?