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how to make a small turbine? Answered




7 years ago


There are several books on model jet engines (try amazon) and many sites about converting turbos from cars into working jet engines. The latter seems to be the easiest method because the fiddly bits are pre made (compression/expansion). Even then the combustion chamber is a bit of a hassle but with trial and error you will get there.

Keep in mind though that making a turbine of any size is largely based on fluid dynamic calculations/models and specially in smaller turbines any error or variation has huge impacts on functionality (the smaller the worse it gets). I have read of a model turbine that didn't work, was taken apart, put together exactly the same and suddenly worked without a problem..

Also, Hot things are dangerous, fuel is dangerous and fast moving/spinning things are dangerous. A turbine has all three ;)

What for ? How small ? How fast ? What medium ?