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how to make a sound activated table top dancing fountain? Answered

hi , i am from Indonesia

i just saw this on youtube    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSoV_ESs5mk

i got interested and search for circuit sound control  in

the problem is this circuit is with a 3volts battery  while i want to make a a table top fountain with a submersible pump
and the voltage here is 220v , 

now for the question : how do i incorporate these two?  (my knowledge of circuits are very limited)  

i was just wondering if anyone could help me in making table top dancing fountain?

any help would be muccccchhh     appreciated 




6 years ago

Try this Triac circuit as a transition to whatever line voltage your
AC voltage the Pump is running at.   .   .   A


Better, I'll give you the full marks for this assignment.


We're rather stingy with marks.....

It provides 3 volts as it is - What voltage is your intended fountain pump?

You could try the same circuit but replace the motor with the pump and see what happens.

thanks for the input mate,

but doesn't it mean that i have to change all the other components as well?
(i mean if it was an instruction for the battery version and i change motor into pump which needs electricity, can the resistors take the voltage difference)

much appreciate your wanting to help :)