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how to make a steam powered boat using candle while keeping the candle away from the boat?no wax should be on the boat? Answered

the boat should be travelling atleast 10 metres keeping its dimensions limited to length-30cm,breadth-10cm,height-15 cm



8 years ago

Can you tow the candle behind the boat in a smaller boat? LOL. Can you explain the problem a bit better?

I thought as much, but I'm trying to figure out why the candle can't be on the boat (and indeed, how that could work...) Hmmm, maybe if the candle powered a steam turbine attached to a fan, that was directed towards a small sailboat. By the way, your reply was my 1000th comment! Congrats! ;)

It's got to go at least 30 m. It would take a pretty big fan to blow it 30 m. Am I 1001?

No, 1003. ;) 30m!! ok then. Can the candle run a turbine attached to a winch and 30m of lightweight floating string?


Do the Instructable Kiteman suggested (here), and replace the candle with a burning match.

I smell homework!

Why? Is this some kind of challenge / homework question? L