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how to make a switchblade? Answered

how to make a switchblade


The closest information I could find is for "spring assisted knives", which is legal, whereas a "switchblade" is not. Perhaps this will satisfy your needs.

The best website with a lot of information about these knives is AssistedKnives.com. I would try contacting them. Others have said they are very nice and helpful.

They also have a YouTube video that shows the professional construction of a "Switchblade Stiletto", but they don't explain the steps in detail.

I hope this helps.

(Greetings to a fellow Finn from a Finnish-Canadian girl). :D

I would not encourage this person to fabricate a switchblade or any spring assisted knife that could be illegal in his or her country. Besides this person posted this question before.

Normally I would agree, but in Finland (where the author lives), it is legal to purchase and possess switchblades. Source

I would not trust wikipedia as a definitive source. More investigation should be done of the matter. I still believe that it is not a good idea. The same source indicates that it is illegal in many other countries and for a good reason.

I don't disagree with you. However, the author does have a right to do as they choose. In this case I do know that its legal, and no, I am not merely relying on Wiki for facts. My entire family is originally from Finland. The laws are different in each country (as you pointed out), so as long as the author is allowed to do this, and is asking for assistance, I don't have an issue in providing some help.

Keep in mind switchblades are not illegal to own in most states in the U.S. just illegal to carry.


6 years ago

In the United States it is illegal to manufacture or import switchblade, spring assisted, springer, or automatic knives for interstate commerce with certain exceptions. However, for intrastate commerce, automatic knives made within the state may be manufactured, sold and carried within that state, if not forbidden or as restricted by state law.
If you live in the U.S., check your specific state laws to determine the legality.

If youre in the US, theyre not legal.

It seems not.

Why do you want to make one?